FTP Hosting For Small Businesses

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an authentic and secure communication protocol designed to exchange information from one computer to another over the Internet. Irrespective of business volume, sharing information or exchanging files on the World Wide Web is a common phenomenon in every business process. Most of us are familiar with Email to share files and other information over the Internet. createssh

The importance of FTP hosting service increased remarkably for smooth and secure business communication. File Transfer Protocol can restrict unauthorized users to intervene in the business process. If you are running a small business and looking for a secure as well as efficient communication protocol then register for a FTP hosting service. FTP hosting service will provide you a secure network with a FTP server and a Client server to exchange information over the Internet. vibrantbiz

Selecting an FTP hosting service for your Small Business

Internet is the right place to make sufficient research on FTP hosting service providers and service charges. Free hosting services do not provide the facility of File Transfer Protocol, most cases you have to pay for this secure file transfer service. First you have to register for a selected FTP hosting service. It is recommended to select your primary domain name and secondary domain name based on the name of your company. During the registration process you have to select the period and other facilities for FTP hosting service and based on that service provider will allocate a separate space for your small business in their server. recommendit

FTP hosting service to ensure a secured network in Small Business process

FTP hosting service allows you to share all types of files (text, image, audio, multimedia etc.) to targeted FTP account holders. FTP service providers will allocate FTP accounts with unique user name and password. Therefore you can create multiple FTP user account under the registered FTP site. FTP hosting service will allow only authorized account holder to access the server that is allocated for your business. Through your FTP account you can upload copies of the files in the server. Only authorized clients, vendors or end users can view and download selected files from your FTP site through their account. frontrunnerz

Security of digital information is necessary in Health Care Services. If you are running a small business where you have to share medical report, research papers and other types of private document then it is recommended to go for Standard FTP. Standard FTP comes with the feature like encryption, which is not available in general FTP hosting service. In this process the system will encrypt the content of the file before uploading the file in the server.

Features of FTP hosting services for Small Business

For small business you can go for basic FTP hosting. Following are some features of basic FTP hosting:


  • Sufficient space in the FTP server to store any types of files. You have to select the storage based on your business volume.
  • Web-based Control Panel
  • Sufficient Sub-FTP accounts for clients, vendors and employees
  • Daily statistics of the activities along with daily backup facility
  • Directories, which are protected by Password
  • Additional security features like – Secure FTP or SSL. These features are optional and are not available with general FTP hosting services. getalink


Based on the requirement of your small business you can enjoy additional disk space and/or additional monthly file transfer through FTP server by paying reasonable amount per month to the service provider.

Cost factors

For small business money matters, therefore it is important to select the right FTP service provider. It is observed that, some special software is required to utilize this unique file transfer service. Since you have to pay the bill for FTP hosting service throughout the period therefore it is better to select the an FTP hosting service that does not require any extra software to support the process of exchanging files over the Internet. By this you can save some extra cash for your small business.

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