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Namur is the capital of the province of Namur and Wallonia. The city lies on three different regions including the Sambre and Meuse rivers. This quaint city has a population of just over one hundred thousand people and a very long history. An important part of this city’s economy includes fishing and trading. hariansurya

Attractions in Namur

Namur is considered the capital of the federal region of Wallonia and has many places for visitors to enjoy including its casinos, unique buildings, museums, schools, and film festivals. There are a number of sightseeing tours and even a couple of river cruises you can enjoy.

Archaeological Museum is housed in a fifteenth century style Renaissance building built on the shores of Sambre. It used to be a meat market but today houses many remains from the prehistoric, phonicsonline Celtic, Roman, and Frank periods. Collections form the Middle Ages and included in this exhibit of jewellery, pottery, coins, glassware.

St Aubain’s Cathedral is an example of Italian architecture that emphasizes the light and ethereal Renaissance style. The church was created in 1047 on the site of an earlier church. The original belfry survived and is part of the current church. Many religious relics, sculptures, and gold plates are on display in the church for visitors.

Treasury of the Oignies Priory is a convent of the Sisters of our Lady that sits in the centre of the town. Many of the treasures in the building include jewel-studded crosses, reliquaries, chalices, and many other special creations that are decorated with hunting scenes and forest motifs. Most of these works were created by goldsmith, Hugo of Oignies.

Citadel is positioned on top of the hilltop overlooking the city. The citadel was built during Roman times and includes a museum, restaurants, cafes, children playgrounds, craft stores, disneyfansites and multimedia exhibits. There is a torchlight tour that lasts forty-five minutes and runs through the underground caverns below the building.

Jardins d’Annevoie is a beautiful ornamental garden with fountains that surround an eighteenth century chateau. Often referred to as the Belgium Versailles, this garden has lagoons, fountains, waterfalls, and canals. This unique garden has no modern machinery and is an example of the seventeenth century gardening skills.

Events in Namur

Nature lovers, Christmas, contests of strength, and weddings are just a few of the many wonderful events that visitors can enjoy throughout the year in Namur.

Salon du Mariage takes place each year from October through November. Guests can learn more about planning the perfect wedding and ensure you get every detail just right for your magical day. Learn about cocktail dresses, jewellery, lingerie, and more from this annual expo that celebrates the art of marriage.

Namur Citadel is open every day and allows visitors to experience what the citizens of this fine city could see when the fort protected the area from the many aggressors. It sits on a hill that overlooks the town and provides an excellent photo opportunity that you have to see to appreciate.

Namur Christmas Village is a holiday festival that takes place every December through January. This festival celebrates the many aspects of Christmas with the construction of a winter wonderland. Carolers, richly decorated chalets, and holiday spirit is abound on the streets of Namur during this festival. For more info please visit here:-

The Gold Silt Contest allows long-legged locals to compete by knocking each other down. The participants stand on stilts and wear colourful costumes and try to demonstrate their skill at remaining on their stilts. Crowds can cheer these participants on as each tries to prove their dexterity.

Namur Nature Film Festival is a nature lover’s greatest joy. This festival celebrates all creatures no matter how big or small. Many films and exhibits are used to help educate visitors about the many creatures. Photographs, sketches, and paintings are used as visual tools to help promote the nature lover’s love of these many creatures.


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