Everyone Has Ideas

A few years ago I was involved with the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, an organization dedicated to the discovery and testing of natural aptitudes. I found it fascinating that they were able to define the inborn talents of each of their clients.

The Foundation unequivocally answered the question about ideas…yes everyone has them. The Foundation calls the aptitude Ideaphoria, forbes it relates to how quickly a person generates ideas. The defining ingredient is time; some generate ideas rapidly…some slowly, but everyone does generate ideas.

So the next question becomes…if we all have ideas how can we tell which are life changing? Can we actually distinguish what could be a good idea from a bad one? The past has proven repeatedly, the answer is not always obvious. What then should we do, maybe go with our instincts?

Back in the mid 1980′s, apkdnews Lewis D’Vorkin had an idea: he wanted to work for Forbes Magazine. Going with his desire and building up his nerve, he highlighted three Forbes’ issues with thoughts on how to make the magazine even better. When finished, he mailed them to the infamous editor Jim Michaels.

Good idea? Jim contacted Lewis, invited him in for a discussion, listened intently and thanked him for coming. Bad idea? Lewis never heard from Jim for ten years. Great idea! Jim called Lewis, home4cloud offered him a job and through a series of events Lewis is now the Chief Product Officer of Forbes Magazine.

I found this story enjoyable because Lewis took the idea and ran with it. Where would it or could it lead? How does anyone ever know the answer to that question? I know that if he had done nothing, he and his idea would have gone nowhere.

As Johnson O’Connor has proven, we all have ideas. Likewise, Lewis D’Vorkin has proven if we’ll run with just one good idea, we can change our lives forever. Write to me and let me know what you think, I look forward to hearing from you.


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