Anime Eyes

Many of us who actually love the anime cartoon series or the movies as well as the manga comics, do because they usually portray emotions that are real and feelings that we ourselves believe we have inside. One way in which we can tell how the character is feeling kaufen sie k2 onlin e is usually portrayed by the anime eyes.

Most of the characters in the anime cartoons have large western eyes and when they are talking especially when it is something serious you can tell how they are feeling just by looking at the anime eyes. Through these eyes you get to see all that your character is seeing and also how he or she is feeling.

The creators of these cartoons really worked hard to make the sure that their cartoons showed emotion using their anime eyes as well as their actions and reactions. You would almost believe they where real characters on how realistic the eyes look. We all know that the eyes are the window to the soul and no cartoon characters are able to portray their souls more than the anime ones. The characters have different eyes depending on the genre they are. The women characters are usually big so as to depict love, anime4up sorrow, bewilderment and anguish amongst many other emotions. While for men the eyes are much smaller but still also show signs of emotion especially when they are angry.

When they get angry the eyes usually change and you get to see how the characters is really feeling. The eyes can become smaller and even the pupils have reactions like for normal human beings. In fact if it wasn’t for the eyes we wouldn’t know much that was happening jiliko in the anime cartoons.


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