Unique Issues for Buying a Home in Colorado Springs

Are you looking to buy or sell real estate in Colorado Springs? This city has some unique concerns when it comes to real estate, such as water restrictions, soil stability, old mine shafts, unincorporated areas, local school issues and a large military community. Chances are you will need the help of a qualified realtor. Problem is, most realtors look terrific from the outside. But they are all salespeople, after all, so it easy for them to fool you into thinking they know everything about the Pikes Peak area housing market.

Most of the local realtors maintain attractive web sites with a lot of flattering testimonials too. But does the realtor you are considering have genuine knowledge of topics specific to the area?

So how do you interview a realtor in a way that helps you learn enough their abilities to make an educated decision?

Questions to Ask a Realtor when buying or selling in the Pikes Peak area

1. What experience do you have with military relocation since Colorado Springs is a military town?

2. Describe your background in the Pikes Peak area real estate and how your experience will help me.

3. Are you familiar with the school districts in the area, including the unique Charter Schools, ongoing school boundary issues, District Administration rulings, and programs for special needs children?

4. What is your knowledge of soil stability and old mining operations in the Pikes Peak area? In what specific Colorado Springs neighborhoods does these concerns exist? For more details please visit these sites:- 7mgg.com

5. What do you know about the unincorporated areas in the Pikes Peak area and how it will affect my city services, taxes and water rights?

6. Are you familiar with the Trails and Open Space tax supported plan and where the proposed parks are going to be located?

7. What neighborhoods have wells and do not have to follow the water restrictions that the Colorado Springs city government imposes during drought periods?

As you can see, this line of questioning reveals far more than the closed-ended questions that most people ask. Furthermore, these questions address concerns unique to the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region. Taking the time to listen to the answers you get from each realtor will be the best way to find the right match for your needs.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, working with an experienced realtor in Colorado Springs CO who knows the area can make all the difference in how satisfied you are with the transaction.

Todd Hawker is a Colorado Springs real estate broker and agent and the owner of Action Team Realty. With nearly 30 years of experience buying and selling homes in the Colorado Springs area. Todd is very active in using the Internet and Social Media to help market your home. He updates the Colorado Springs Professional Realtor Blog every week.


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