iPod Clones – Are They Any Good?

iPod can be termed as a device which is used for storage and playing of audio files. Introduced in the year 2001, by Apple Inc., this device has an enormous storage capacity of storing many songs which may go up to few thousands. This device is designed with a state of art technology and unmatchable features and as such is priced dearly. iPod clones can be termed as those similar devices manufactured by other manufacturers which have identical features as an Apple iPod, but are less expensive, so as to provide affordability to the music lover masses.

There are many iPod clones in the market, designed by various top notch electronics manufacturers. They have more or less same features and design but are very soft on your pocket. We will discuss here the Top 5 iPod clones which are claiming to provide similar features as the Apple iPod and are also quoting at an affordable range. For more details please visit these sites:- https://www.shop-swimmingpool.at/

On the top of the list amongst the top 5 clones is iPod nano clone. These are cheaper versions of the iPod manufactured by chinese manufacturers. These clone devices have similar design as the recent original model with a 2.4 inch TFT screen, touch screen, voice recording camera etc.

Then there are the iPod shuffle clones which has identical looks and features as that of an iPod shuffle. The clone manufacturers do their bit to copy even the packaging and imprint on it. If you do not look at its price sticker, at the first glance you are sure to mistake it for the original model. The clone devies are available at a price tag of about $15 which is a fraction of the original iPod shuffle. With the huge price difference, few features if missing from the clone can be easily ignored.

Next is the chinese clone of iPod touch. Apart from the icons on the screen, the looks are otherwise more or less same as the original iPod. They come with a 2 GB internal memory, a 2.8 inch touch screen and are able to support audio and video images in JPEG format. At a price tag of around $100, the iPod touch clones even have some additional features than the original iPod touch such as a built in speaker, microphone and a FM tuner.

Last in the iPod clone category which is also the latest favorite amongst the music loving section is the MP4 iPod clone which is a look alike of the second generation of iPod nano from Apple. Esolo has priced it at $40, with a storage capacity of 2GB. With similar features to play audio and video media formats, it also has a voice recorder and a FM tuner.

However, with the difference in the price tag, it will not be justified to flatly say that clones are no different than the original ones. There is a definite difference between the audio and video quality. However, some generics or Clones have additional features such as FM tuner which comes at an additional cost of $50 in an Apple iPod. With the price tag being less than half the original it is not a bad deal to buy an iPod clone instead of an original one as the features are basicall


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